Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hi, and thanks for reading! I'm not only new to running, but also to blogging, so please know that my blog will continue to look better as I learn more (I hope).

So why am I here? Well, at 30 years old, after hating running most of my life, I decided to give it another shot, this time with the goal of being able to run a 5k, something I have never done. I decided to post a blog about the experience, so that I can get some fans to cheer me on and maybe to inspire someone else.

So let's set up this little story, first with the characters.

The Runner:

Laurel, 30 years old, and in relatively good shape before starting this running thing. I'm not trying to lose weight in this process, just generally firm up and be healthier. I've always hated running, and had a lot of bad experiences in PE class as a kid. I was diagnosed with mild asthma at 25 and suspect that this is what made running so hard as a kid. I started running shortly after my diagnosis, but lost enthusiasm after I managed to run my first mile.

The Supportive Husband:

My wonderful husband of one year, B, is a major player in this goal. A former distance runner turned distance cyclist due to bad knees, he is running along with me until I hit 5k or his knees give out, whichever happens first. While I wheeze, gasp, complain, and cry, he calmly jogs along beside me and cheers me on without breaking a sweat. It's a little disgusting.

(OK, there aren't really a lot of characters right now. But it could still be a good story.)

The Setting: The Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. Sometimes referred to as NoVA

The Plot: So why did I decide to start running again? It began at the DC Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a 5k which I walked this year. About 40,000 people showed up at the National Mall for the Race - it was inspiring, amazing, and raised a ton of money for a great cause. As my friends and I made our way to the walker starting area, we went past the runners' starting line. As I looked out at the nearly 7500 people who ran the 5k, I was jealous. I can't entirely explain why, but I wanted to be them. I wanted to be one of the elite few who ran this race instead of walking. I still don't know exactly why. But I do know that that's where my quest to run a 5k began.

I also have several marathoner friends (including one who holds the world record for joggling a marathon - that's running the marathon while juggling the entire time). I figured if these friends could run 26.2 miles, I should be able to do slightly more than three.

There's one more factor - embarrassment. I apparently look like a runner - I'm tall and slim, and people tend to assume I run. When I mentioned to a co-worker that I had started running, he said, "Oh, did you have an injury or something and are just getting back to it?" The idea that I had never been a runner didn't occur to him. I'm always a little ashamed to admit that I can't run more than a few hundred yards without stopping. I'm going to put an end to that.

I was fortunate to get turned on to the Couch to 5k (sometimes referred to as c25k) program by a marathoner friend. I'll reference it a lot. You can check it out yourself. The program, and Robert Ullrey's c25k Podcasts, are available for free at (You can also get the Podcasts on iTunes.)

So that's probably more than enough for now. Thanks for reading, and I'll do my best to keep you posted on my progress!


  1. Very entertaining first post, Miss Laurel :) You're a great writer and I wish you all the best in your quest to 5k. I'll be following and cheering you on! :)