Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did you wonder what happened to me?

I'm still here. I took a bit of a break from running for a while. This was partly due to major home improvement projects, and also to rest my sore hip.

I did run once on vacation - nothing like running at 20 knots! I tried out the jogging track on our cruise ship!
(I have no idea who these people are - just the Carnival stock footage people.)

It wasn't my favorite running experience. As you can imagine, it was incredibly windy and rather cold. I really wished I had had earmuffs, because after a mile or so my ears were freezing! I gave up, but B ran for quite a while. Had I run again on the ship, I would have stuck to the treadmill in the gym.

After that long hiatus, B and I went for a run last night. I was pleased at how quickly I'm coming back - I managed a 5k with only a two-minute walk at the midway point. I was pretty pleased. I'm thinking about running a rack this weekend!