Friday, June 25, 2010

Be good to your feet

I've had an assortment of foot problems over the years, most of which were caused by being born with problematic feet. When I was about 12 or 13 I started getting searing pain down the center of my foot when I walked. A trip to the podiatrist confirmed that I hyperpronate and needed custom orthotics to treat the condition. I was sent off to a specialist who took plaster molds of my feet and several weeks later presented me with a pair of hard plastic orthotics. These solved the problem so thoroughly that I never worried about it again.

This fall I paid a visit to another podiatrist for an unrelated problem. I mentioned that I wore orthotics and showed him my rather tired pair. Apparently you are not supposed to wear the same orthotics for 17 years. Who knew. He wrote me a prescription for new ones and sent me off to get new ones made.

I finally made it to the orthotics lab on Wednesday. I came prepared to have my feet molded in plaster and have another pair of hard plastic orthotics. Imagine my surprise when the technician took a computer scan of my feet, asked a few questions, and sent me on my way. My new (soft rubber) orthotics should arrive in the mail in a few weeks.

Technology is amazing.

For the short term, the tech gave me a pair of off-the-shelf orthotics - apparently mine were not fit for even a few more weeks of use. Today was my first morning running with the new pair, and while it was weird, it was definitely better. I'm hoping that the custom pair are even more comfortable.

On the subject of shoes, B and I have decided that, while a new pair of shoes would be a fun reward at the end of the c25k, I really should have a pair now. So this weekend we're off to the New Balance store to find me the perfect pair - and maybe him as well. Wish us luck!

By the way, today was Day 2, Week 3 of c25k. I'm actually finding week 3 to be easier than week 2. I'm hoping this trend continues! I'm also noticing that while I don't necessarily feel great while running, I feel really good for the rest of the day after I run. Is this what all of your runners talk about?

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